Teddy Bear Tins

August 30, 2009

TBTs Wish List

I've been so touched recently that a number of generous people have asked me if there were any things they could provide to help out with the effort. I hadn't thought of that! I concentrate heavily on seeking out volunteer artists, and have always just taken care of getting what is needed to make that all happen. I love doing this, so it doesn't really seem like work. But I realize that they will continue to prod me, so I figured I better get doing my homework!

As I've mentioned before, I'm not really comfortable with accepting monetary donations. I think instead it would be better to focus on the materials that go into the making of the tins. But what exactly are those?

Good question.

Finished tins are made up of the tin itself, which I buy in bulk and seal to prevent rust, plus a kit inside made up of instructions, plaster and a mixing stick. Add to that some labeling, miscellaneous shipping and packing supplies, and of course the teddy bear painting itself, and you've got finished product! I like to keep things simple. :) Broken out in graphic form for those who are as OCD as I am, the relative costs look like...

So I guess if I were to make a wish list it would be based on this little exercise, and it would consist of:

1) Blank tins. I buy these in bulk from a specific distributor, with a box of 48 costing about $100. If a group would like to purchase tins I think it would be easiest if they contacted me and I can help arrange it.
2) Testor Model Acrylic paints, which I've chosen very specifically after a painful few weeks of experiments and learning a whole lot more than I wanted to about paint types lol
3) Plaster of paris
4) Quart-sized zip-top bags
5) Postage (the post office sells $4.95 Priority Mail stamps which work for the size and weight of boxes that I send to artists within the U.S.)
6) Spray cans of gloss clear acrylic sealer
7) Paint brushes like these, which I typically find at Walmart

Lastly, if you have some small (8-10") teddy bears, while they are not my main focus I provide them to the hospitals as well. Because really, who doesn't love teddy bears?? :)