Teddy Bear Tins

June 7, 2014

Website is Back Up!

After nearly a year of not being able to post here due to an error in my blog's code, which basically hid all my text behind pictures in new posts, it is fixed!!!

Teddy Bear Tins owes a debt of gratitude to Dewey and Dan for helping me find and fix the problem. What a huge relief to finally be able to actively use this portion of the project's web presence again. Thank you!! :)

In the meantime, so many amazing things have happened over the past year for Teddy Bear Tins. For one, we are now also on Facebook. You can connect with us there at www.facebook.com/TeddyBearTinsProject.

Also, we've been working hard building connections within the babyloss community and have met incredible new people. Together, we are starting some exciting new efforts. For one, Teddy Bear Tins deliveries to hospitals will no longer consist of just Teddy Bear Tins! Through partnerships with other kindness projects, our resources for families are expanding. How, you might ask? Well, you'll just have to keep following us here to see... :)

-Auntie Meg