Teddy Bear Tins

July 8, 2011

Numbers :)

76 Teddy Bear Tins have been delivered to 2 hospitals

43 more completed tins are being picked up by the hospital in the next few days

9 volunteers currently have kits and are painting an additional 64 tins

2 more volunteers have offered their time once I have more kits available

I'm planning to add 1 more hospital in the near future, which will mean that Teddy Bear Tins are provided to hospitals in 3 different states

We're going through tins so quickly I only have 5 more blanks left before I need to place another order

...All of this adds up to an immeasurable benefit that has been provided by the many kind people who have made Teddy Bear Tins a success

Lately when I think of Aiden I often quickly think of Teddy Bear Tins as well, and it makes me smile because this little idea has become a reality. I guess in a way to me it helps because as the time passes and I feel further away from the reality of holding him in that hospital room, I have something else very tangible that is a part of his memory as well.

1 dining room that has been taken over for another purpose.... :-P